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Top Design Trends of 2019

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boho bedroom plank and mill 3" reclaimed wood planks

1. Boho revival is in full effect. To be fair, Boho never disappeared, but we are seeing it in full effect in 2019. Pantone’s Spring 2019 is the perfect Boho recipe of statement making colors if you're in need of a little Boho boost!

plank and mill 2019 trends terrazzo

2. Have you tried Terrazzo?

Mid-century modern design has an enduring timelessness that few styles have been able to match. Maybe that’s why Terrazzo, a unique mix of quartz, granite, glass and marble is having a moment. The abstract playfulness of this style is a great way to add dimension and character to a space. With its iconic pattern available in prints, now you can update any room with a quick textile or art change.

Herringbone Ceiling plank and mill 3" reclaimed wood planks

3. Showstopping ceilings!

We love a great accent wall. Who doesn’t? But instead of an accent, what if you made an entire statement? Bold ceilings are a daring choice and we can’t remember the last time ceilings were this on trend--molded tin anyone? Much more daring and memorable than a single accent wall is a ceiling that makes a lasting impression. This chevron pattern in our 3" reclaimed wood panels is swoon worthy! Not only do you up your style factor, your room will appear bigger and brighter. #bonus

plank and mill 3" reclaimed wood planks

4. Restoration nation.

As modern consumers, we are more focused on repurposing, upcycling and reimagining fixtures and furniture of the past and that’s reflected in the continued industrial design trend. Our 3" reclaimed wood panels add a sense of history when paired with industrial fixtures. Utilizing restored items in your space creates a more grounded setting where you can unplug... and not have FOMO, because nothing feels as great as coming home!

5. Compact and convertible furniture.

No, we don't mean those hideous floral, fold-out, sofa-bed monstrosities! As more people move into urban dwellings, it’s important for furniture to be both petite in scale and multi in purpose. Furniture that converts based on your space and needs is a trend we hope never disappears. This table with hidden storage is a perfect example.

Euro Table Bed

6. Move over Murphy bed, it’s a moveable feast!

Beds that fold into wall, tables fold down & disappear, removeable walls, and bar carts that bring the party to any room. Multipurpose means more options with less clutter.  When space is so limited, every square inch is precious. Making the most of your space with clever furnishings and conversation sparking design just makes sense doesn’t it? 

7. Hygge yourself.

No matter what style you gravitate toward, from maximalist to minimalist, the Hygge movement is more a lifestyle than a trend. With a focus on calmness and wellbeing, the Hygge movement is based around moderation, coziness and wellness. Trends such as cosagh, lagom have a similar aesthetic but nothing seems to match the forward movement of Hygge. As we crave peace and quiet, Hygge helps you achieve it in your home or office.


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barnwood shiplap ship lap sample kit barn wood peel and stick


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