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5 Simple Remodeling Tips

Posted by Cassie Venable on

There are dozens of reasons to remodel: to make more space, update your style, upgrade your latest fixer-upper, or just because the mood strikes. Whatever your reason, our thoughts on updating a space to better fit your needs is always a big Y-E-S. Plank + Mill has 5 simple tips for your remodel to be a resounding success.

3" reclaimed wood peel & stick panels by plank + mill

1. Trends come and go, style is forever. When it’s time to remodel, don’t just jump on the latest trend. Take the time to evaluate your style. Select materials that are durable and will stand the test of time, like our reclaimed wood planks. They add so much character & history to your space. Use accessories, accents and art to change the vibe with the season or your mood.


3" reclaimed wood peel & stick panels by plank + mill

2. You always get what you pay for. It may be cheaper now to save an extra 15 cents here and a dollar there, but cutting corners by using cheaper quality products can result in a bigger investment in the long-term. Look beyond the initial cost and evaluate the cost over the life of your investment, this ensures you're not short changing yourself in the long run to save a couple dollars here and there. Our planks are planed to a consistent width & thickness & go through extensive quality control checks to ensure you get the very best product we have to offer.

construction worked doing demo work

3. Reduce and reuse. If you’re tackling a large scale overhaul, consider donating to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore or other charitable cause. Many locations have a team that will do everything from removing fixtures to a complete teardown. Not only are you giving back to the community, you can claim a charitable tax credit and give your items a new life. Visit Habitat for Humanity to find a local store.


cleanup after labor

4. Sweat equity is still equity. Whether it’s doing your own demo to reduce the bid cost, helping clean at the end of the day or taking care of the finishing touches, reducing the labor time can reduce your cost on hourly projects. But remember, if you bid all in, you may be just sweeping that sawdust up for fun.


design planning

5. Design Dilemma. While your project may not need multiple meetings and a team of designers, a larger scale overhaul can benefit from having a professional architect do a one-time design consultation. While you may envision a complete remodel, moving the plumbing and rearranging the bathroom completely, costing thousands; an architect may have a simpler, more cost-effective solution for you that doesn’t require rearranging everything in your home. You can then purchase the plans for your builder.

With a few tips to help you get started, we hope you’re inspired to tackle your next remodel with confidence! If you have any questions about our products or installation, feel free to give us a call at 888-502-8212. We’re here to help you live in walls you love.

Ready To Begin? 

If you're ready to live in walls you love, click here to claim your free sample kit. Each sample box comes with two samples of our white wash planks &our reclaimed planks in both the three inch and five inch widths. You can walk these planks around your home see how they look in different light and against different colors. You'll also receive a design booklet & other goodies to help you make your DIY dreams a reality. Our peel and stick wood planks are just as easy as they seem! 

sample kit peel and stick wall panel


contractor DIY wall peel and stick wood Plank + Mill reclaimed wood planks

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