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Collaborator Spotlight: DIYHuntress & Asphalt Gypsy

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We love working with collaborators that share our vision. We recently had the pleasure of working with two collaborators that both used our reclaimed wood planks but for totally different projects. Our friend Autumn Bailey, the Asphalt Gypsy, uses our five inch barn wood planks in her adorable trailer & DIYHuntress installed our three inch reclaimed planks in a very DIY shop. 

DIYHuntress is everything we love about the DIY world: industrious, clever & so much fun! When she decided to install a Plank & Mill reclaimed barn wood wall in her workshop we were happy. When she told us she was building this workshop herself, we were ecstatic! 

DIY Huntress Peel and Stick Barnwood Wall

Sam’s Shed-Shop project reveal became one her top Instagram stories in 2018 & we make our appearance in Episode 6. Sam breaks down how easy Plank & Mill peel & stick planks are to install: working around windows & outlets with ease using only a box cutter. We are so excited to be a permanent feature in her amazing Shed-Shop, making casual appearances in her tutorials & a few selfies we hope. Stop by Sam’s page to learn more about her amazing projects & be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel for the latest tutorial videos to help you become a DIY master. 

DIY Huntress Peel and Stick Barn Wood Wall

Existing in a tiny space with your kids and a husband… the learning curve never goes away.” Autumn Bailey, aka the Asphalt Gypsy, is a crafter & maker, of art & of little humans. Autumn & her husband are living the tiny home life on-the-go in a trailer that is the epitome of rustic bohemian. When she reached out to collaborate on her space, we were on board.  

Peel and stick barn wood plank wall

She happened to be pregnant during her collaboration & little Sunny made an early appearance, our youngest fan so far. Autumn used our five inch peel & stick barn wood planks to add dimension & character to her accent space: showcasing the windows & refacing a stock door for a custom, reclaimed wood feature. 

Reclaimed barn wood wall peel and stick planks

One of the things we love most about this project is how bold she chose to go. By using the wider, five inch planks in a smaller space, she is playing the chunky, rustic planks off the smaller scale of her trailer. This creates a cozy, homespun vibe that fits Autumn, & her growing family’s, style. Be sure to follow Autumn on Instagram to stay up-to-date on her DIY adventures in, mothering & beyond.

Peel and stick reclaimed barn wood wall

If you're ready to live in walls you love, click here to claim your free sample pack. Each sample box comes with two samples of our white wash planks and our reclaimed planks in both the three inch and five inch widths. You can walk these planks around your home see how the look in different light and against different colors. You'll also receive a design booklet & other goodies to help you make your DIY dreams a reality. Our peel and stick wood planks are just as easy as they seem! 

sample kit peel and stick wall panel


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