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Spring Refresh with The Found Cottage

Posted by Cassie Venable on

Spring is in full swing over here and it’s time for the house to reflect what we’ve all been patiently (or impatiently) waiting on for a few months now. Today, we’ve teamed up with our friends Abigail, Liz, and Lisa over at The Found Cottage to bring you some great ideas to refresh your home this spring.

photo source: the found cottage

This Metal Oval Wall Hanger is the perfect way to display some fresh flowers or greenery from outside. Grab a pair of clippers and go browse your yard, or your neighbors, they won’t mind- right?

photo source: the found cottage

Spring also brings spring cleaning, which means you may be spending a little more time in that laundry room of yours. Freshen up your laundry space with one of these farmhouse laundry signs. A break-down of all the laundry symbols might just save you from accidentally shrinking your favorite wool sweater before you store it away...not that that ever happened to me, just sayin’.

photo source: the found cottage

When you are styling a flat surface, like a table - think up! These enamel pedestals are a great way to display small potted plants or fresh fruit. Play with the different heights to give more dimension and interest to your table.

photo source: the found cottage

This metal tray with glass bud vases is the perfect way to display your favorite spring florals. Tulips, peonies, irises...they are all itching to make a home on your dining room table.

photo source: the found cottage

Trade in the smell of gingerbread and pumpkin for something more fresh with this Morning Market soy candle.

Spring brings two words to mind for me, fresh and light. Anything I can add to my home, or edit from my home that adds to more light and a fresher feel is a total win in the Spring style department!

If you want to brighten up your space even more, carve out a couple hours and update your walls with our peel and stick whitewashed reclaimed wood planks. Let’s face it - Everything looks better with reclaimed wood behind it.

I’d love to see your spring-y style! Find us on instagram @plankandmill and show us your beautiful spaces!

Thanks again Found Cottage ladies for your inspiration! If you ever find yourself in Hudsonville, MI, make sure to stop by their shop or find them online at The Found Cottage.

Happy Spring!


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