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Shanty2Chic Trend Shop Crash with Plank and Mill

Posted by Cassie Venable on

Did you guys see our beautiful whitewash planks on the Trend Shop renovation our friends, Ashley and Whitney, over at Shanty2Chic did recently?  I thought I’d give a quick recap just in case you missed it.

Plank and Mill Shanty2Chic Trend Shop

They transformed a space for their friends, Amanda and Jeremy Hayes, who recently decided to open a storefront after starting a jewelry business out of their home a few years back.  

Total Transformation

Ashley was amazed at how our peel-and-stick application enabled them to finish the two-wall reclaimed wood install in just a few hours.

Plank and Mill Shanty2Chic Trend Shop

“It looks like we slaved over this wall all day.”- Ashley

The whitewash plank walls which Ashley and Whitney used as the design inspiration for the whole room, made the space look inviting, cozy, and light.

Watch the whole transformation video:

Divine Designs

I love how they added the hanging bench and encaustic tile accent wall to show off Amanda’s beautiful leather and metal earring collection. Way to hit this reno out of the park ladies!

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