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Tutorial series: Cuts and Measures

Posted by Cassie Venable on

It’s time for another tutorial to make your DIY-life a little bit easier!

This month we are tackling cuts and corners. We designed our peel-and-stick reclaimed wood planks to be as easy as possible for you to cut and install. No power tools necessary. You can hug us later!

Grab yourself a pencil and a saw and let’s get started.


1. When you’re at the edge of the wall and need to make a cut, we recommend aligning the next board to the edge of your project, and mark the end where a cut is needed.

2. Extend the line across the board and cut using one of the following cutting methods.

3. There are multiple ways you can cut your planks. Using a utility knife, make multiple passes along a straight edge to score the plank. Then, place it on the edge of a solid surface and snap the piece. Using a handsaw with a mitre box, align your mark and make the cut. Using a jigsaw, make sure your piece is supported, then cut along the mark, using a square as a guide. Or for the most professional results, we recommend you use a miter saw.

And just like that, your boards are perfectly cut to fit your space. Done and done! Reclaimed wood elements in your home shouldn’t have to require hiring a professional. You can find all of our peel-and-stick wood planks right here on our website.  

For an even closer look at the beauty and design of our wood, get yourself a sample pack and try them out in your own space, coffee cup in hand, pajamas encouraged.

Happy Planking!


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