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Reclaimed Barn wood 5" Wide Planks


Give your space a warm and rustic feel with our raw reclaimed wood planks

***Please note this product will take up to 3 weeks to ship at this time.

  • -100% Reclaimed wood showing a variation of colors from brown to gray.
  • -Our industrial strength peel-and-stick adhesive strips make installation a breeze.
  • -More affordable than other stick wood products, our peel and stick barnwood wall panels create the perfect DIY reclaimed wood walls in your home.
  • -Made in America and handcrafted in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Simply cut your barnwood panel to size with a hand or miter saw, peel off the backing strip, and stick straight to your clean wall.*

***Please note this product will take up to 3 weeks to ship at this time.

How to get started

To calculate square footage, simply measure the height and width of your space and plug your numbers into our calculator above or use this formula Height (in.) x Width (in.) ÷ 144 = Your square footage needed. **We recommend adding 5% extra to account for waste in your project.

***Please note this product will take up to 3 weeks to ship at this time.

Check out our get started page for everything you need to know about ordering, installation and troubleshooting.


Plank lengths range from 1 ft - 4ft. in Length, 5.2" Wide, and 0.15" Thick

***Please note this product will take up to 3 weeks to ship at this time.

*Read this before installing your planks

Customer Reviews

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Michael Gentile
Beautiful product

This product was so easy to work with. I would recommend having a box cutter (razor blade), and either a chop saw or jig saw to cut end pieces and around outlets. I used this as my backsplash in the kitchen and it looks great. I didn’t have any issue with the wood popping off but it loosens looks like it can be attached easily with a bradnail gun..

William Zivich

Great product, easy to work with. It looks great! The adhesive wasn't perfect, but going back with a finish nail gun did the trick.

Unfortunately we are getting transferred for work, and we are selling our home and I think this accent wall is going to sell this house!

Jackie Slagle

Easy to work with, cut and utilize! Looks beautiful and sturdy on our fireplace.

Arun Kanathil

We absolutely love our new accent wall. The living room feels welcoming and got a ton of compliments.

DeLee Beadle

This product was amazing. It was the most fun project I have done in awhile. We were going to mount the TV on the wall so I figured why not do a wall treatment while we are at it. I had been throwing around some ideas fo awhile but decided on your weathered wood planks. It was a 7 hour total project with 2 of those hours assembling,measuring and prepping for the TV mount. Once we started applying the planks it was a piece of cake. They cut so easily on my portable circular saw and I coukdnt believe how easily they stuck once we prepped them. It was so fun seeing each piece as we took them out of the box. i was so surprised at the variations in color. Each piece was so unique. To frame up the wall we ripped the pieces in half to create a border frame. It turned out fabulous. I cant wait to use what I have left over somewhere else in the house. I am thinking Ill cover the pillars in my kitchen to resemble old beams Im not sure yet. Thanks for making such a beautiful and easy to use product that really can add some wow factor to any room. DeLee B.

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