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Plank and Mill reclaimed wood is backed with an industrial grade adhesive. With such a wide variety of wall finishes available, some paint brands and texture styles are not suited for this type of adhesive. Several factors can affect adhesion: humidity, surface texture, and the chemical makeup of your wall paint. *New wall paint needs 30 days to cure before installation.

Prior to installing your plank wall, we recommend installing a small test piece.

Step 1

In a discreet area of your space, apply a 2’ board. (Be sure to wipe down your wall first and apply with proper pressure. See installation instructions included in your shipment)

Step 2

Wait 48 hours. This is extremely important to ensure that your paint or texture will not reject the adhesive.  

Step 3

Once the adhesive is securely in place after 48 hours, you’ve got the green light to continue on with the rest of your installation! Happy Day!

If your plank did not adhere securely, don’t worry! That beautiful barnwood wall is still going to happen! Please contact  or call us at 888-502-8212, and our install team will walk you through the steps to ensure your boards are installed properly.