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Reclaimed Barn Wood 3" Wide Planks


Give your space a warm and rustic feel with our raw reclaimed wood planks

  • -100% Reclaimed wood showing a variation of colors from brown to gray.
  • -Our industrial strength peel-and-stick adhesive strips make installation a breeze.
  • -More affordable than other stick wood products, our peel and stick barnwood wall panels create the perfect DIY reclaimed wood walls in your home.
  • -Made in America and handcrafted in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • -Also available without the adhesive backing
  • -Reclaimed orders ship within 1 week.


Simply cut your barnwood panel to size with a hand or miter saw, peel off the backing strip, and stick straight to your clean wall.*

How to get started

To calculate square footage, simply measure the height and width of your space and plug your numbers into our calculator above or use this formula Height (in.) x Width (in.) ÷ 144 = Your square footage needed. **We recommend adding 5% extra to account for waste in your project.

Check out our get started page for everything you need to know about ordering, installation and troubleshooting.


Plank lengths range from 1 ft - 4ft. in Length, 3" Wide, and 0.15" Thick

***Please note this product will take up to 2 weeks to ship at this time.

*Read this before installing your planks

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use and turned our amazing!

William Burke
I did it!!!!

I did this alone in about 4 hours. I used a pencil, utility knife, a couple of levels and a Power Chop saw (not needed but very helpful and I still have all my digits)
The good: great help on the phone when ordering, the package came quickly and after following all the directions, began. The Planks went up really easy and with the chop saw were easy to cut. Very pleased with the finished project.
The bad: They say the planks are in 1ft-4ft length’s but they tend to run shorter and Thus more cutting. I had little waste but had just barely enough to finish. The other tool you will need for this job are some good fingernails because the red tape backing is a pain to get off, out of the 4 hours for the job, 1 hour was spent picking at the tape. (and without sounding sexist if you have a wife or daughter with good nails, wrangle them in for help)
The Ugly: if the actual tape comes off the back you can’t get it to re-stick (I lost a plank due to this) Note: sometimes the longer planks might have more than one strip of the red backing so make sure you get it all off.
Splinters… dam ow!! Only got one. Cutting the boards lengthwise is hard because they tend to split in the wrong spots. I would also suggest ordering extra because some of the board (as expected)have defects that you might not like, having extra would help you picking good ones.
And the worst, after going around the outlets and switch plates I found that I need to replace them…dam more money to be spent :)
All in all well worth the investment.

Julie Erck
Perfect 👌🏻

I was hesitant to spend so much for a product I could see and feel, but it was well worth it! Easy to install, and is exactly the look I wanted.

Dan V
First time great results

I put the barn wood on an accent wall in the kitchen/dining area. Looks terrific! I had a table saw that worked wonderful when the final row need to be ripped. Super easy to install. Make sure you have a darker paint color on your surface. There can be seams where you can see slightly what is on the wall.
I will definitely do this again!

Carolin Duncan

I am beyond pleased with my plank and mill bathroom wall.
My big boring wall is beautiful, unique and interesting. The product is very easy to work with.
I loved this DIY project.

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