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Live in Walls you Love: Artist Spotlight- Studio Shepherd

Posted by Cassie Venable on

Hi friends!

Today on the blog, I'm starting a new Artist Spotlight series where I will get to feature beautiful artwork for your space, and the incredible hands that make it!

First up is an instant favorite of mine: Studio Shepherd, by Nataley Shepherd.

We recently did a local wall install, using our reclaimed wood planks, styled with one of Nataley’s absolutely gorgeous wall hangings. It basically stole the show, and we were happy to share the spotlight!  That’s one of the great things about investing in beautiful artwork. It doesn’t just fill space because “something” needs to go there- it makes you pause and take a second look.  And that’s exactly what Nataley’s beautiful Macrame wall hangings do.

Plank & Mill reclaimed wood planks

Creation Station

Nataley, a Tulsa-local, has loved creating with string and fabric since she was a little girl. In college, her love for all things handmade led her to the art building, where she spent all-day-everyday learning to weave on a floor loom.

Plank & Mill reclaimed wood planks

5 years, 1 wedding, 2 pups and 1 baby later, she started her dream business: Studio Shepherd.

Plank & Mill reclaimed wood planks

“My dreams for this business are to bring beauty to homes, connect with people, share my love for these crafts, and make a difference.”

I fell in love with the way Nataley uses intricate patterns to draw beauty out of such a simple material.  

Plank & Mill reclaimed wood planks


“For me all types and textures of fiber keep me grounded. I manipulate it with intricate detail to form simple, straightforward designs to express peace and positivity. I feel connected to generations of women who came before me who worked with their hands perfecting their craft.”

Nataley is inspired by the intricate tapestries of the southwest region and she integrates a light modern style to her pieces to uplift and warm any area of the home.

Plank & Mill reclaimed wood planks

“I love knowing these tapestries will become a part of a family's home and will bring comfort and sentiment for years to come.”

We Love Artists

This wall hanging is the perfect match for our reclaimed wood plank walls. Over here at Plank and Mill, we jump at the chance to support artists who are able to draw such beauty out of simple materials.

See more of Nataley’s work by visiting her Etsy shop here and follow her instagram @studio_shepherd

Ready to create a reclaimed wood feature all your own? Click here to claim your free sample kit today! 

Happy Planking!

- Cassie

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