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Plank & Mill Projects - Temporary Spaces

Posted by Cassie Venable on

I love when friends pop by to share their latest Plank and Mill projects with us. Let me introduce you to my new friend, Shannon. Shannon, her husband and their four precious kiddos are currently renting a home in Colorado and used our peel-and-stick reclaimed wood planks to freshen up their living room.

Since Plank and Mill planks are intended for permanent application, it can be a challenge to add you rustic feel you want to a temporary space without risking damage when removed. Shannon did a great job and I’m excited for her to share her story with you all.  

Plank & Mill temporary space reclaimed barn wood wall art
Photo courtesy of: @shannonmatzat

Renter Renovations

Hi guys, I’m Shannon and as a renter, I'm always looking for simple solutions to transform a place to make it feel more like home. I came across Plank and Mill and knew that this would be the perfect addition to make a statement piece in our living room. Plank and Mill is a company that makes reclaimed wood planks with adhesive on the back for simple construction. They simply send you the wood planks, you lay out the design of your planks, cut to size then peel the paper off of the adhesive on the back and stick to your wall.

Plank & Mill temporary space reclaimed barn wood wall art
Plank & Mill temporary space reclaimed barn wood wall art


The adhesive is pretty strong so you don't have to worry about it falling off your wall. But with being a renter, I decided to go with an easy removable method and adhered the wood planks to cardboard. Yes, cardboard! My original plan was to adhere them to a piece of plywood but as I shopped around, I realized I could save a lot of money by skipping the plywood and bought cardboard instead and the planks have held up very well. After adhering them to the cardboard, we simply screwed the whole piece to the wall.


Plank & Mill temporary space reclaimed barn wood wall art


My brother basically did all the handiwork and put the whole thing together.

What a great brother!


Plank & Mill temporary space reclaimed barn wood wall art


We love how simple this project was and how the feature wall turned out! It added a focal point to the room which was just what we needed and gives a bit of a rustic yet modern feel.


Plank & Mill temporary space reclaimed barn wood wall art

Great Job!

Thanks for sharing your living room with us Shannon! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your home!  You can follow along with Shannon and her sweet on Instagram: @ShannonMatzat.


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Happy Planking!


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