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Coastal Modern Living Room

Posted by Cassie Venable on

With Summer just around the corner, my mind is on two things- how am I going to make the most of summer vacation with my kids and how quickly can I get myself to the beach? Maybe that’s why I’ve been soaking up every little part of Coastal Modern style.  I can’t get enough.

Here are some coastal modern living rooms that win the prize in my book.

Photo credit: Studio McGee

I love how she gives a nod to the style she’s going for without going overboard. The light color palette paired, with the blue and white pillows on the chairs, and the perfectly placed driftwood on the top shelf at the perfect coastal modern touch. You can see more of her home tour here

Photo credit: Tuvalu Home

I love those Shibori chair cushions with the wide beach photograph in the background. 

Photo credit: Melissah Weigal

The natural styling elements paired with the neutral color palette do a great job of hinting at the modern coastal style without even using blue and green- which are normally staples for the style. 

Photo credit: blackband Home & Design

blackband Home & Design did an amazing job on this Newport Heights home. I don’t know if I will ever love another couch again after locking eyes with this bright blue stunner.  The white interior balanced with the big green leaves and blue decor is absolutely perfect. 

Photo credit: Vanessa Lentine

Once again, Shibori fabric takes center stage with these beautiful throw pillows Ally and Leigh used in their clients living room. I love how they incorporated tall plants into their design to draw your eye upward.

Photo credit: House of Turquoise

I love how Kate at House of Turquoise incorporated so much natural wood and clean lines with pops of seaglass green to tie this space together.  

Once you’ve decided on your pops of blue and green and found your natural driftwood, I’ve got one more thing to add to your coastal modern list- whitewash wood.  Our 5” whitewash wood planks and the perfect design element to tie your styled room together. 

You can find both our 3” and 5” whitewash reclaimed wood planks over in the shop.

I’m so thankful for just how much inspiration and beauty people are creating in their homes and I hope you’ve enjoyed staring at these beautiful living rooms with me.

Happy Planking!


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