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Sliding Barn Door Installation Instructions

• Visual Install Guide

Written Instructions

Before you order

1. Before you purchase your door, measure your door frame to ensure the door will cover your space. To measure the width, measure from the outside edge of one side of the door frame to the outside edge of the other. To measure the height, measure from the floor to the top edge of your door frame.

Track Assembly

2. Once you receive your door, measure the height of the door to find H. Add 2” to your H and this will be the height at which you will install your track. (Ex: 84” + 2” = 86”) Measure from the floor to your “H+2” above both corners of the door frame. Use a level or a magnetic level attached to your track to make a straight horizontal line in-between marks and extending the entire 8 ft length of the track in the direction you’d like the door to open.  This will be the line that you will mount your door track on. (Note: Be sure you allow your track to run at least 4 feet in the direction you want your door to open. This will ensure your door can open all the way and also cover the entire frame when closed. If you need an example of proper track placement, refer to photos on our website.)

3. Along the 8 ft span, use a stud finder to locate and mark all the studs across your horizontal line. Then hold up your track to the marks and align the holes in the track to your stud marks. The standard home spacing for studs is 16” apart and the holes on the track are 16”. If for some reason there is not a stud where a hole on the track lands, don’t worry, make a mark and use an anchor bolt for that screw.

4. Use a ¼” drill bit to drill straight into the studs and an 11/32” drill bit in spots where wall anchors are needed along the track line.

5. Thread the bolt through the holes on the track front to back. Add a washer and then a spacer to the end of the bolt. Place track up to wall so the spacer side is against the wall and align with the pre-drilled holes you just created. Use a ½” socket to screw the bolt, washer, and spacer along the track line.

J-roller assembly

6. Using the drill template we included in your shipment, align the corner edge of the template to the top corner edge of your door. Use a sharpie to make marks through the holes provided. (Top Hole: 1.5” from the top and 3” from the edge. Bottom Hole: 5” from the top of door and 3” from the edge.)

7. Use a 25/64” drill bit to drill holes straight through the entire door.

8. Align the J-roller hardware with the holes. Insert a washer and screws from the back of the door to the front, then add another washer and the nut on top of your hardware. Tighten with a ⅝” socket.

Door Assembly

9. Before placing the door on the track, screw in the anti-jumpers to the top of the door, evenly spaced between the j-rollers.

10. Lift the door and hang by placing the j-rollers on the track.

11. Take the top-mount door stopper and slide it onto the short side of the track. If there is a bolt prohibiting it to slide to the spot where it needs to be to stop the door when it is closed, simply unscrew the bolt to allow the stopper to slide on and then reinstall the bolt. Once it is positioned properly, use the allen wrench provided to tighten the screws on top of the stopper.

12. To install the floor mount stopper, place it against the baseboard. Before installing, test opening and closing the door to determine where to place it so the door is always in contact with the roller. This should be fairly close to the outer door frame.