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Wood Paneling Products

We are Plank+Mill™

100% Reclaimed Wood handcrafted in the USA

Here at Plank and Mill™ we like to think of ourselves as a family. We would not be able to bring you quality reclaimed barnwood planks without our hard-working team. Leading the pack are co-owners Adam Teague and Tim Paslay.

Tim Paslay is the chief maker and comedic relief around the shop. Combining his experience in set design and digital fabrication with unique concepts and technology he excels at bringing the best possible products to the table.

CEO Adam Teague is the glue that holds the operation together and has an eye for innovation. He is a leader at creating systems and products that make life simple and more fulfilling. 

Plank and Mill's Peel and Stick barnwood walls are the easiest and most cost effective way to transform your space and achieve a quality designer look that has in the past taken a lot of time and money to produce with many trips to home improvement stores such as Lowe's. Whether you are a professional designer or want to make your house a home and feel good doing it yourself, we know that you will enjoy how easy it is to revamp any space with minimal effort while achieving maximum impact. From the nook in your kitchen to your new baby's nursery wall, the potential for projects is limitless! Because we are just as excited about your timber wall project as you are, we will be here to help along the way, posting new ideas and the latest product styles to let you be the trendsetter. Plank and Mill is an Epic Artifactory brand.