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Getting Started with your P&M planks

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Are you ready to put up that barnwood wall you’ve been thinking about? I don’t know about you, but I think today feels like a great day for a project! Let’s do this!

Your space should be a reflection of you, and our team at Plank & Mill wants to help you truly do-it-yourself. We’ve got nothing but confidence in you and our products.

Getting Started With Your Plank and Mill Reclaimed Wood Planks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you conquer that blank wall you’ve been staring at. You’ve got this!

Get Inspired

Cozy up to your favorite Instagram feeds or Pinterest boards for ideas. There is no shortage of barn wood love to be found!

Here are a couple of my recent faves I’ve been daydreaming about:

Getting Started With Your Plank and Mill Reclaimed Wood Planks

Getting Started With Your Plank and Mill Reclaimed Wood Planks

Measure Your Space

Don’t let the math intimidate you. Measuring your square footage is easy.

Height (inches) x Width (inches) ÷ 144 = Your Square Footage

*We recommend adding 5% extra for waste.


Use our friendly square footage calculator.



  • Open one end of the cardboard box and remove the bundles. Each bundle contains 10 square feet.  
  • Allow the planks to acclimate by placing them in the area in which you are installing for 48-72 hours. Leave the ends wrapped with plastic. If you are in a drier climate—like Arizona, give it an extra day.
  • Install a small test piece to make sure our adhesive and your current painted surface are friends. Here’s some tips on installing a test piece. (link)
  • To begin, clean your surface of all debris with a damp towel or vacuum attachment and ensure it is completely dry.  
  • Remove the plastic from the ends of all your bundles and layout your pattern on the floor.
  • Be sure to incorporate planks from different bundles to create a mix of colors.   
  • We recommend beginning your project in the bottom corner and working your way up.
  • For a more in-depth look at installing our planks, check out our tutorial video


Check out our instagram feed @plankandmill and Pinterest board, to see how other DIYers just like you have transformed their spaces with PLANK + MILL products.


From start to finish, we will be here to answer questions and cheer you on along the way! Email us, or give us a call— we’d love to chat! 888-502-8212

Happy DIYing!

Cassie Venable

General Manager, Plank and Mill

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